Tap into the universe's guidance with a 30-minute intuitive reading by McKenzie. Using oracle and tarot decks, you'll receive unique insights consisting of 1-5 card messages. Get your personalized session for just $30! Upon booking, you'll receive Zoom meeting details and payment instructions via email.

Ready to tune in to the divine guidance of the universe?

Book a 30 minute intuitive reading with McKenzie and receive guidance from a variety of oracle/tarot decks. Each reading is unique and will include 1-5 card messages.

Enjoy a 30 minute reading for just $30!

Once you've booked your time you'll receive an email with our Zoom meeting information & payment instructions.

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Request Distant Reiki Healing

If you would like to request distant reiki healing for yourself or someone that you love, please fill out this form. You will be added to McKenzie's personal reiki crystal grid and sent distant reiki every workday. As soon as you submit details, your request will be added for reiki healing. At the end of 2 weeks your request will be removed. You're welcome to resubmit your request or a new one after 2 weeks. If you feel inspired to share the benefits of receiving distant reiki healing please use this same form to report improvements and experiences since making your request. It's an honor to share reiki healing with you. Please specify if this is a new request or an update. List the name of the person that you'd like to request reiki for as well as a brief description of the illness, event or situation that you'd like Reiki around. Use this form to report improvements too.

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