Holistic Wellness by a Certified Life Coach

Hi! I love working with visionaries, especially passionate women with big dreams. I want to work with you if you feel destined to make a difference. Get clear on your unique gifts with awareness and acknowledgment. I’ll help you find solutions inspired by your inner truth by asking powerful questions. I hold a safe space for you to accept and love yourself as is.

Feel empowered while inspiring others in the ways you show up daily. I believe that our most excellent opportunity to make an impact is how we navigate challenges and our everyday human stuff. Leading with integrity means taking responsibility for your own self-care, speaking your truth, and honoring boundaries in various relationships. With the help of specific tools and techniques, you’ll be able to live and lead confidently in the direction of your wildest dreams & deepest desires.

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I Specialize In Helping Clients:

  • Own their unique gifts
  • Listen and speak their truth
  • Learn how to hear the voice of self-belief louder than the voice of self-doubt
  • Find creative and fun-inspired action steps
  • Grow self-love through the art of acknowledgment
  • Overcome fear & uncertainty
  • Take responsibility
  • Improve all relationships by honoring boundaries
  • Lead confidently
  • Turn worried to wonder

Your Energy is Your Greatest Asset. Invest in Yourself.

Are you interested in receiving life coaching? Book a 30-minute coaching session with McKenzie.

This is for anyone interested in working together 1:1 weekly. The kickstart coaching call will begin with a few grounding breaths and a short meditation. Get a glimpse into how coaching works with guidelines for an authentic call and methods to ease stress, improve relationships, and spark joy. Please arrive with any questions that you have.

Looking forward to connecting!

3-Month Coaching Client; 2022

"McKenzie has a natural, comforting energy that allows you to feel safe and empowered in your own energy. Together it is a collaboration that helps you connect with your inner power and grow towards your purpose. I loved every minute of it!"

6 Month Coaching Client; 2022

"She helped me transform my entire life from top to bottom. The investment needed for this coaching is minuscule compared to the self-awareness and self-love that I walked away from this experience with. McKenzie creates and welcomes you into a safe space to be exactly who you are without judgment. I would recommend McKenzie to anyone needing a solid, sturdy foundation to begin flipping their script and choosing to love themselves."

9 Month Coaching Client; 2021

"One thing I loved about our calls was I genuinely felt huge shifts in energy. I would come in in a negative state of mind, and by the end of the call, I would have a fresh perspective and a new burst of motivation to keep going in the right direction. Our calls together kept me grounded and on track toward reaching my goals, and I am so glad that I decided to go on this journey. Despite some really dense times, I can't thank McKenzie enough for holding space for me. She was always professional and compassionate. She made me feel safe to share whatever I was going through then, and I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I can't thank you enough, McKenzie. If you are looking to dive deep into personal growth through self-care, compassion, and accountability, I highly recommend working with McKenzie, and she is truly a gift."

3 Months 1:1 Clear Inner Focus™️ Life Coaching

Weekly calls with Clear Inner Focus™️ certified life coach McKenzie Raymond.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long and include:

-Guidelines for authentic learning
-Intention setting
-Notes & takeaways from each session via Google Docs
-Includes 4 sessions/month

As your coach:

  • I provide a safe space for witnessing the self
  • I ask powerful questions that provide you with clarity and perspective
  • I help you build new patterns & sustainable solutions for your daily life
  • I assist you in identifying and clearing your energetic blocks & limiting beliefs
  • I teach you tools so you may remain balanced even in high-stress and chaotic times
  • I help you feel generally lighter, more trusting, and connected to your big-picture goals
  • I guide you back to your own intuition, inner knowing, and confidence

I cannot wait to connect.

Please be ready to block out 60-75 minutes at the same time each week. We will discuss & schedule our weekly time during our first call.

Work with McKenzie 1:1! Appointments available online or in-person at Feel Free Yoga & Wellness.

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