About My
Journey & Mission

At Rising Sol Holistic, I am here to guide you on your journey back to inner truth and self-love. I am a passionate nature enthusiast, and have dedicated my life to helping women harness their innate power. My journey has taken me from Colorado to Georgia, learning valuable lessons on mindset, confidence, self-care, and self-love along the way. Keep reading about Rising Sol Holistic and my journey.

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How I Help You

My joy comes from helping others align their dreams, passions, and purpose in the realm of holistic living.

  • As a Usui Reiki master, I channel divine love and light to promote healing.
  • As a yoga teacher, I unify body and mind through breath and movement.
  • Lastly, as a certified life coach, I hold space for your magnificence to shine.

My Story

As a child, I had a vivid imagination, creativity, and an innate zest for life. By the age of 10, my closet walls were adorned with inspiring quotes and images of the places I dreamt of visiting one day – a precursor to the vision boards I would later create to manifest my aspirations. Growing up in a household where my mother was a life coach, Reiki master, and entrepreneur, I was exposed to concepts that now define my practice. However, I didn't always readily embrace these ideas. In my journey, I had to rebel and carve my own unique path. It was through losing myself completely that I eventually found my way back to what truly ignited my passion.

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A Quest for Happiness

In my teens and twenties, I felt adrift, unsure of myself or my place in the world. I embarked on a global quest, seeking happiness and a sense of home in far-flung destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Minnesota, Costa Rica, Maine, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Colorado, Vietnam, and Thailand. Each place held the promise of a better version of myself, but I kept moving, still searching for the happiness I craved. Despite living my dream of exploration, I remained unsatisfied, wondering why happiness eluded me.

My perspective transformed as I recognized and shed limiting attachments, beliefs, and subconscious patterns. Embracing acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love requires courage, dedication, and honesty. I started viewing my daily choices as either moving me closer to or further from my best self.

Embracing Fear

Fear became a catalyst rather than a constraint. I embraced activities aligned with my true self, transcending physical boundaries. Listening to my heart, I pursued yoga, savored sunrises, immersed myself in nature, danced, read, wrote, and simply embraced being.

I had let my surroundings define me, believing home was external. But this belief hindered the self-love and inner home I craved. I shed past identities, including the carefree partygoer, realizing that home was wherever I stood.

I stopped anything that was misaligned with my well-being, preserving my energy. I invited the universe to work through me, believing others could achieve their dreams too. True magic exists in life's spaces between moments, found by aligning daily with the heart and highest self. Courage and devotion nurture purpose and passion.

I'm becoming the person I once dreamed of being. You can too. My life's purpose is this transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.

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Guiding Your Journey to
Self-Love and Fulfillment

My life’s mission is to inspire and guide others through my own transformative healing journey to self-love and acceptance. I believe that the path to happiness and fulfillment lies not in the physical space you inhabit, but within yourself, regardless of where you may find yourself in the world.

I will help you shed the old identities that hold you back and realign with your authentic self. I offer Reiki, yoga, and life coaching to help you tap into your limitless potential. If you feel you're on the brink of a personal breakthrough, let Rising Sol Holistic be the beacon of light guiding you home.


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"McKenzie is an absolute master of everything she does - cannot recommend her & Rising Sol Holistic enough!"

- MB
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"If you are looking to dive deep into personal growth through self care, compassion, and accountability I highly recommend working with McKenzie, she is truly a gift. "

- GD