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If you are looking for life coaching services, reiki or wellness retreats in Athens, Georgia, you have come to an ideal destination.

Hello, I am McKenzie Raymond, the owner of Rising Sol Holistic and a certified life coach. Rising Sol Holistic is your sanctuary for wellness and self-discovery. I offer life coaching, Reiki, and wellness retreats designed to help you align with your purpose and passion, and live a life that truly fulfills you.

At Rising Sol Holistic, I am dedicated to guiding powerful women back to their inner truth and love with my life coaching services. My offerings are designed to help you master your unique potential and live in alignment with what genuinely lights you up.

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Transformation Through Reiki Energy Healing

Usui Reiki Master, McKenzie Raymond, is a natural inutitive who has been practicing Reiki for close to 15 years.

She has certified numerous students in Reiki I and Reiki II certification classes and feels passionate about sharing the transformative power of Reiki with others.

In addition to being a Reiki Master, McKenzie is a life coach, yoga teacher, co-host to The Good Enough Podcast and women's retreat facilitator.



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"McKenzie creates and welcomes you into a safe space for you to be exactly who you are without judgement. I would recommend McKenzie to anyone that needs a solid sturdy foundation to begin flipping their own script and choosing to love themselves."

- J.M. 2022
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"McKenzie has a natural, comforting energy that allows you to feel safe and empowered in your own energy. Together it is a collaboration that helps you get in touch with your inner power and grow towards your purpose. I loved every minute of it!"

- J.A. 2022